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Welcome to the Action Tale Wiki[]

Helo, and Be welcome to The Action Tale Storyteller's Club, where our Fictional Universe(s) gather at the same place, and we discuss Storytelling techniques, Conlangs, Roleplaying games (RPG), about all that's Fiction, and the authoral works of our members.

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[1] Action Tale by Sol Cajueiro is protected under (é licenciado sob uma) a License - Licença Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported.
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Note: The goal in using Creative Commons is to allow our users to participate in this Wiki, or use Action Tale as a reference to cite/quote the Action Tale blog, this Action Tale Wiki, and the Wormbar/Epic Destiny blog (working on a domain, but not decided which to use yet). This way, if you want to cite/quote or use our fiction work as a reference, register and talk to one of our Storytelling Club members.

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About the Club[]

Action Tale started when Sol Cajueiro started creating a Roleplaying game, or RPG, and grown into a Writer's Club after some friends gathered around the Blog by the same name, on Blogger. Here, we study a first version of the various settings, Club activities, cultures, languages, and review on the authoral works of the Club members.

News: Sol Cajueiro's first Novel book resease date next June, 2012.

Akkoya, Mu and our so lovely Earth are the starting point Sol Cajueiro, Heitor Carvalho Loureiro and Tomaz Sá decided to use, but there is much more to come, and be aware of the Club's fictional universe(s) being huge.

There is a starting point for everything.

So, we welcome you to read these pages, or become a contributor.

You're welcome.

What you'll Find in Here[]

We think of doing a Wiki which is not tooserious as Wikipedia, and not so cheating as TV Tropes, both tooserious and cheating being words on one of Sol Cajueiro's constructed languages, Interspeech. This way, our wiki is a community. It's written and edited to grant our Club writers a place, where the fandom can also work together to give straight information on the Club's activities, publications and Fictional Universe(s), with much care not to give spoilers on the works of our members.

There's a number of settings, which the Wiki portrays.

Also, there's a number of conlangs, from constructed languages, to feature on the Wiki. Sol Cajueiro keeps up information on his languages on his Facebook profile, and also at the Storyteller's Club's Action Tale Facebook page and group.

The Wiki is going to show a number of roleplaying game rules, Tarot rules and reading, and comments on the references the authors use in their works. Much of the references are being adapted into original material, as we can see at the Wormbar that the storyline is changing from the original play into a new final version, in which new words are being coined into a new language (Oka).

The works of Heitor Carvalho Loureiro are being formated into this Wiki, to be used as a basic setting.

And so, the meritocracy setting of Mu is our basic setting in here, and a number of game useful information is being written in Wiki format, with the intention to be used for roleplaying games. The system to be used is created by Sol Cajueiro, and he says on Facebook group RPG - BH that "The System is going through revision and revision, and I'm giving more attention to the Novels". So, you can adapt the setting for your favorite system. To adapt the Fictional Universe shown in here, you must use our system's Attributes, and that will turn your game into an Action Tale story.

News on our member's abouts will be in the proper pages.

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