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The world of Kalaummuklutwa, a strange name some races just cannot pronounce, is then nicknamed Akkoya, for short and everyone's pronounciation, well, is the major ejik world within The Alliance empire.

Akkoya is the main world on both Sol Cajueiro's blogs, but the Wormbar/Epic Destiny is probably 3500 years before the space era shown at Action Tale.

There are yet a few adventures published, at Action Tale, but we can see a science fantasy world, with both high magic and high technology hidden from the major population, and also places we can see at the Story #00 - Stolen Dreams, at the Wormbar, like Ryklant. The Academy of Magic, Politics and Power's also present, at this city. It seems all that public display of power, seen at Toj's past is over, and the people of power are much more careful now.

The Alliance's ejik major world, Akkoya's active, as explains a young and beautiful brewer girl at the wizarding village: "We have all three paradises, here at Akkoya. That's pretty rare, you know. Besides that, our planes are just fine, safe and sound, or... at least if you don't need to go the Oblivion" (Bykkatar - The Heart #01-2b). Well, this means people like wizards are used to walk through planes, and planes are grouped by types, as explained in just another passage, the so called Standard plane is the very plane a ship enters the planet cosmology, when coming from space, and all other planes are tridimensional coordinates taking Standard as the very basis of all this moving ecosystem.

Being a major world, Akkoya has a population of 12 billion people, most ejik and heirs (that's Tanahta's way to name a native ejik to a world), but there are aliens too. Doctor Taf, for example, is a fauk, which is an arborean race, and so descend from plants, not animals. A unique way to think of nobility is born at this world, and the nobles are corporate enforcers.

While Ryklant is said to be home to The Academy, Tol Rim seems to be the bigest city, by the mountains at the west of the great continent.

The Story behind Akkoya[]

Sol Cajueiro has worked with various RPG settings, for a long time. As a member of our Guardian Council, which has the power within our Storyteller's Club - this Wiki, and the blogs, etc - he has started to play a fantasy story because his friends wanted to play a medieval RPG, with magic and monsters, gods, heroes, the basic and standard setting. This all evolved during time. He convinced the group to accept his rule system, which was indeed not ready to play. And so, this all started.

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The players helped with much basic information, and various tests were done, all taking a play with medium level of well inside-story combat situations (this means all combats have a story), and from this to the invention of some various beast of those settings, religion, politics and past, adapted from another old campaign.

And it doesn't stoped here.

The concepts evolved during play, and one of the most important ideas used in Action Tale (our symbol to the right) was invented, that this is a game where player's ideas become part of the Story, be it a good idea, or a bad idea too, and what Sol wanted, that all combats should have a story and so you're not rolling dices without a meaningful reason, to make random combat a rare instance. This happened at the same time Sol's writing his Novels, so this seems to be the reason why the Wormbar blog's still under construction.

Years after trying to write the Novels, it happened Sol finds out he was trying to write five stories, and that it would be impossible to write all that. Then, Toj and the Trikumai worlds became important, by the decision that these worlds are the past to Akkoya, the ejik race's main world. And then, when Earth was to have it's place, now in the Novels, the Trikumai were decided as Akkoya's past, or in other words, the legends of the past to this important capital world to The Alliance (with ikka and koresh races).

Now, this helps to understand why the story of Toj are being told on the future, by wizard professor Susking Kuoi, a phenomenologist from Akkoya, in it's 21st century.

At the Action Tale blog, stories are coming little by little, and it seems a few parallel stories are part of bigger and more elaborated stories and plot. This happens with the story which tell the event on a small village, and how that appeared in a main storyline character's visions, by the end. That's not the time to tell what happens, because this all seems to be in a greater big picture plot.

Then, it started to be planned. But well, Sol is well known for randomly roll a die and take the story into another direction, so this together with the stories on the blogs to need players and a player`s always a random event into the universe, Sol himself doesn`t know the end. It all seems to have a big picture plot, but it depends on player`s decidions and their consequences to know what comes next. This happens in Akkoya. This happens in every adventure blogs. This is indeed the fun of it all.

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This is only the beginning.