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Belo Horizonte, by Johannes

Welcome to my City!

This is where the Action Tale Storyteller's Club was created and where we run our adventures.

The city has more than 2 million inhabitants, and is the capital for the state of Minas Gerais, and it's 45 on the ONU rank of best cities to live, and it was nominated (don't know if this is still true, but we like living here) the best Quality of Life in the Latin America.

We live here.

At the very beginning, RPG was a very unknown hobby, a thing only a few knew. Then, when I first met RPG, this was intense, and my first master killed me (my character) at the first scene I've played. The hobby started to grew, and soon Belo Horizonte was full of stories to tell, from greenskin and dungeons, to cyberpunk, mystery, detective stories, barbarians, paladins, magic and wizards, vampires, necanthropes, bodyguards, fictional celebrities, bards and rockstars, and impressive adaptations from movies, anime and manga.

Oh, memories,... tales of the future,...

I've first entered a shop at Bucaner's, then at Leitura. Various shops came and go, but the memories are here to make those moments eternal. Today's Belo Horizonte is full of Events, like Quero Jogar RPG (meaning: I Want To Play RPG), and many many others, and a number of active groups on Facebook. I've used the city as scenario for more than 15 years. Memories. Then, here and there, the stories went to various other places, imaginary places of power, and the universe becomes bigger. The region called by the name of Savassi has seen many of those stories.

The Action Tale Storyteller's Club gathers at some places in here.

You can see our stories at our Adventure Blogs, Action Tale and Wormbar, or enter our Facebook group by the same name, Action Tale's page or group.

If you're going to stay here, give us a word.

Maybe we can play a nice story.