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The Mu setting is as Basic the essential setting, created by Heitor Carvalho Loureiro, our Action Tale Club official member, which is also part of the fictional universe by the Club, and it has been worked out during the last few years. Together with the Trikumai worlds, Mu shows one more possibility for a setting into our Club's fictional universe.

The Metaplane of Mu is a dimensional continent, existing in twelve worlds at the same time. These worlds are: Ubbuende, Uembea, Beytaale, Haika, Imelmanda, Mokkentu, Obbobanda, Gaunoey, Mulmu, Kaoykun, Arbalassea, Nuktiybo, and so Schungtora Veyl. They're the central order into a civilization of about 800 worlds, but only a few, maybe about 90 worlds, are somewhat like Earth. Most are harsh worlds, in the form of deserts, swamps and active vulcanos, but that is not a problem for most of the powerful people who live in those places.

"Harsh worlds,
Which perfects people.
The heart element of my temple."
Say the Secrets of Mu.

They're the Mu people, who believe The Way as the only phylosophy, a huge empire in which the Moai, warriors trained in The Way, are a fierce force to form every type of State. The power of a State is measured by the deep their moai master the phylosophic teachings of the First Moai, the woman who proved The Way by the destruction of any connection to the lost Thirteenth World.

The moai are ferocious warriors, and by their teachings, Mu society is ruled by elementalist technologies, so the entire population needs The Way to live, and the Mu (metaplane) is the Centre of this empire. But they're not alone, and there are the ways of the Asura and Daeva, both of which hide secrets so old no men or women was alive to render.

By the means of natural frontiers, the Meritocracy of Mu hold power over places ignored by anyone whose head's over their necks. Mostly harsh worlds are important to the moai. The people who live in garden worlds are, if not ignored, considered not worthy of The Way.

This is a 7.000 years Empire.

Now, their meritocracy will suffer a crisis, so deep it may modifies Mu forever, while dangerous secrets and hidden diplomacy may open to it's whole society so powerful changes one could say not even the Forbidden Sky Above wouldn't be afraid.