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By 31 January, 2010, the post Royal Tachiza was published on the Wormbar/Epic Destiny blog. This explains very nice information about one empire on Toj, in which central events happen, and also the place where, in the mountains, one can find the Priatel noble ruledom. One main character, Toriàn Naraleiva Priatel'sa Drazci, is a noble mage from the Priatel family, the family responsible for safety on the Way of Pilgrims, which comes from the East Temple, through the mountains which circle the inner sea of Nine Realms, through Sama the Capital, and head north to the North Temple, a family protected by a dragon patron, Naraleiva the Copper, but this is only the beginning. So, this is the final version post :: Royal Tachiza.

"Helo, everyone.

I'm here to talk about one of the most important empires on the past, and I welcome my friend wizard Professor Susking Kuoi to give us some lessons on myth, legends and stories of ages forgotten, by the name of Epic Destiny. The Epic Destiny is a very huge collection of old storytelling, most of it gathered with the care to ask the oldest entities, and authorities on Kalaummuklutwa's mythic era of past. Also, we tried to consider information from naemon races, which are the Familiar (Animal Spirits of Elements), Djine (Servants of the Wish), and Krapula (Slaves of the Dark), which are by no means entirely trustful, but the oke invocation of some specialist Entities came with truely very handy information.

This is written on 20th century, in Tol Rim, Akkoya.

Fist of all, very few information is found before Ayya, the sidha princess who was a monk warrior and became queen of the Royal Tachiza empire, a personality whose understanding comes with the knowledge of these very old legends.

The mythic era of Epic Destiny happens about 3.500 years ago.

By that time, the World was named Toj.

Toj was a secondary world which moved around Kalagoktwa, together with it's twin Treiyka, today the name to the second moon.

Now, I welcome you to read The Legends of this age.

Royal Tachiza empire - And Legends

The ages of old are covered with a mist, the fog of the interplanes. It's assumed, as cross references are found in fact in other races and worlds as mythologies, this has some clue on the past only the Ancients could answer, but as a student would know, Ancients don't talk much.

Some time before the Epic Destiny mythic era, about 600 hundred years, there was an event named the Great War, in which the greater god Pan was killed.

By that time, there was a major political empire, in the centre of the great continent.

It was named Royal Tachiza, after the entity Tachiza the White Queen.

During the Great War, the Saint Group gathered by the ruins of Sama, by meaningful messages sent by a number of divine revelations. In Sama, they come to know that the Lost People were coming back, from a long exile in the White, which is a type of plane. When the Saint Group helped the lost people to reorganize it's old capital, there was knowledge that Sama, and the entire region was a Magic Faul - i.e. an area of Savage Magic.

It is said the Undead Wars, a thousand years before, have ended with the disappearance of the Mummy King, the Dark Lord, the lost track of his capital, the disappearance of The Forge, the taken of The Dark Tower from the material plane and added to the curse to it's owner, and the Exile from the white people of Tachiza, the Queen of the Old Empire.

Tachiza was a very powerful arcanist, archmage and psychic enforcer.

And she was also the Queen to her people.

Old versions of that legend says there was an appearance of Seven Angels, in each part of the world of Toj, to show the empires should have gathered with Tachiza at the War, but they have not. So, angels would retire and wait until the Chosen were to come.

Some historians say, well, angels are another story into this.

The Mummy King completely disappeared.

And so, a thousand years later, the Saint Group, before the name, helped Tachiza's heir, the ranger and studious of Cosmology, Teogh.

So, he's the founder of Sama, which is also known as The City of Temples.

Saint Krunnk the barbarian made the entire plans on the city's sewer system, with caves, huge galleries, made of stone, ways out to gases, way to water suplies, and all that possibilities constructors of other realms discovered only hundreds of years later.

It is said that when Pan died, another world suffered a cosmology change called The Ebb, and there's a huge world on galaxy 35b-5, our galaxy, which shows something alike.

Royal Tachiza's located middle the great continent.

Sama is a surviving city from old ages, and it's Ayya's City, home to the Dukes. Eight heirs to Ayya the Princess Queen share formal powers of princes, with no king. There are five heirs to Royal Tachiza, and three to Ayya's Peninsula. Realms of Ayya is a huge peninsula which comes south Royal Tachiza by an istmus, while it's said the Old Mummy King's capital city is really lost in time.

To the east, the Nine Realms are an immense inner sea. To northeast, barbarians. To southwest, the Feudal Federation, which invented democracy. And to west, the Abbas empire, which invented new ways to rethink noblety. The Dwargarddin Mountains, to north, is in fact a presence of the sun chang race.

By the means of a treaty with the oggres from Kalagoktwa, the greater world on the sky - the one with two rings, the Magic Faul was ripped from reality. The treaty was made by that Age's most important heroes, Keogh the Pure, Saint Balder, which is said meditating for the world's salvation, and the first Raja of Principia, Raja Tweet.

Ryklant, on the borders with Ayya Peninsula, is the major city for The Academy.

The Academy of Magic, Politics and Power is the oldest organization on Toj, except maybe for the Guild of Thieves, which maybe is older than some Old Gods.

The Duchy of Rykdom (Ryklant) is almost of a capital city.

All other Dukies render respect, and almost loyalty to the Duke of Rykdom, because he is the one who makes diplomatic relations with the surrounding empires.

And so, there are more 28 ruledoms, each with it's own noble families and history.

Well located in the Mountain Ends, centre west, Sama is home to the military Order Monks of Ayya, the OMA, which founder was the princess queen Ayya, a member of the Saint Group, later Queen of the White People married with Teogh the King, and mother of the Eight Dukes of Royal Tachiza empire. There's one only member who's not a monk, and it's the legendary Keogh the Pure, the sumosacerdot of the Shadeza empire and continent, by the south dividing Aria and Nekas oceans.

The Room of Tachiza is a pilgrimage place of power.

This place of power is the location where the Saint Group gathered for the very first time. There, Teogh made use of a very special chrystal cube, to open The White Gate. And so, the Tachiza entity spoke with the group to gather everything needed to the ending of exile to the white people of The Old Empire, and meanwhile Demóstrekas the Archmage was contacted on the region which would be called in the future The Feudal Federation, and so means of democratic ideas came to Royal Tachiza empire, adopted later by The Heirs.

Aside from the low influence Sama impose over the ruledoms, it's importance in the world of Toj is greater, if not the most greater. The monks go everywhere. they share a common culture with common people, but they have no god or patron entity, only the will to cure, the will to guide, and their efforts into solving local political issues gives them acceptance into each and every corner on Toj.

They're so well known, it's said the oggres and takkar know they're monks.

It's also member of The Ora Lands, being ora the most important grain which people use as food, a white grain you can cook salty or sweet, alike.

The empire is also the only place to produce Flower Wine, Mustumblatt, a special world spice delikatessen product, and a single bottle goes 20 golden pieces, gp for short. A horse is 50gp, and you can eat like a king for an entire week for 1gp. Sama is also the city where the meetings on world economic interests are hold, under the protection of the OMA, and probably by the Order of Light. The noble house of Rykdom presides the meetings, with two advisors, one academic and the other a pilgrim leader, and recently there are various meetings on the concern of the Guild of Thieves, but none agreements.

Royal Tachiza is the centre of economic growth, home to The Guild of Commerce.

The Guild has traced caravans over all the Great Continent. Most empires respect the Guild, and even if the taxes over some products is higher, most are delivered in time, and they have had many ejik noble houses on their side in many discussions and legislation, on various empires.

Well, not talking about the future, well well, the following are just considerations about a time only registered by traditional storytelling.

Before the Great War, the south orient was a desert.

The Ophýre Desert was home to another race, extinct during the War.

Also, the Inddra empire was divided in two, becoming the two empires Empire of the East, and also the Djine empire of Prislýpea, on the Southwest continent. And well, the now Nine Realms were cursed by some type of overdaemon, almost a God himself, and what was before a land of mountains became a gulf, a bay, an immense Inner Sea inside the Old Continent.

The barbarians, when noticed a barbarian was the most important heroe to Royal Tachiza signed the treaty of peace with the empire.

Then, with monsters of all types present, Pan was dead.

The War simply ended, with no more.

No historian explains what really happened, but only a huge number of people died with no trace of who killed those people, most of them respected people related to ejik, sun chang and siddha nobility.

Treiyka, and so Kalagoktwa, suddenly appeared on the sky.

Ayya forced King Teogh to make Agreements of War with all the surrounding empires, tribes and also to send messangers to Treiyka and Kalgoktwa, to marry. Then, as soon as the King had made those treaties, the anouncement of Ayya's marriage spread the worlds as a tempest, a storm of relief, as the worlds were just born at the very moment of that festivity.

This is the Story by the name The Ancient Tales of Ayya.

A huge number of legends also come with the essential movement, but the warrior princess stood on the Throne at the last day of Her King, and guided their sons into a new era. She had a lonely daughter, Anna, mother to the family of Dukes who rule the Woods, her most loved part of Royal Tachiza.

An also Old Legend says about the Priatel.

Once the the Royal Tachiza empire was confirmed as the main power into the centre of the Great Continent, the family known as Priatel was the first to receive their noble Ruledom. The joined with the force of the four frontlegs horses caretakers, and a small nobility five families. A more interesting decision from the family was to provide all they could to Pilgrims, and more, to call all elementals, a living force of nature given form and counscience, to come and live in peace at their noble territory.

Some say Raja Tweet's master was a Priatel, but it may be a rumor only historians pay attention.

Other important families from Priatel ruledom are the Drazci, all mages, that handle the vodzas (horse squads, and knight's training), the Maddhas, who are in charge of commerce, the Vodilac, that are noble dealers, the Gljiva, that organize goods' production on the ruledom, and maybe another five or six important families of nobility. They all dwell in the frontier area with the northeast with barbarians, by a series of mountain ways, and across the mountains until the East Empire descendants of the inddras, crossing north of Nine Realms.

So, we came to Darlaschyèc, a very special ruledom for one reason.

Minerals. Iron, silver mines, other metals and a special forest, inhabited by elves for the last 500 years, a new settlement, if you understand.

The Darlaschyèc family has almost the status of a Duky, but they're not Dukes.


Well, this is a difficult topic. Tachiza itself is an Entity, a Spirit of The Ancients, and is adored almost as a Goddess. The only other Gods are maybe the Gods of Nature, Magic (because of Rykland's Academy), and the other influences are all Elementals' related. Maybe, Kokka the Goddess of Night is invoked to grant safety during the night.

That's all.

Recent Events

There's a very important moment here, to talk about.

The Nine Realms, as many other places, have a Patronus that is a Dragon. It's a very common thing, but there's a controversial dispute about if the Silver Dragon of Nine Realms is the real Silver Dragon, or it is a fake. It's so important because Nine Realms is surrounded by Royal Tachiza by west and part of the north, so the border is wide. Rumors. Rumors are reaching everywhere, that the Báech Islands, one of the Royal families' ruledom of Nine Realms is destroyed, or almost destroyed, and that the people runned elsewhere to live in exile.

Rumors also says a Dragon War is starting, and the reason is the fake and undetectable Dragons.

The Academy of Magic and Power made silence on the situation, but all traditional measures taken during War are being used and reinforced.

Other Information

Royal Tachiza has eight Dukedoms, the five at the empire and three at Ayya Peninsula, that are divided into noble ruledoms. It's inhabited by maybe twelve million people, and the most important part lives at cities, excluding the five siddha forests, that are inhabited by maybe one hundred thousand siddhas.

The most important products are clothes, books (Academy), flower wines, fruit liquours, cheese, grains (the Ora, specifically), and the production of horsehair and cow meat and cheese are great - the empire sells them up to other surrounding countries, considered the most important area of the Old Continent. Pilgrimage also permits selling religious and magical items. There are other goods that are very important, too. Local consumables are potato, eggs, small tomato, ora, milk, cheese, black bread, ox meat, berry sugar, beer and flower wines, but the capital Sama and Rykland (and the Two Bay areas) also gather goods from the Nine Realms, specially fish, and the famous coconuts from Realms of Ayya.

People love their leaders, which gives them house, food and labour.

To get it finished, Sama does not recognize any Dragon as it's Patron, and the empire is a very important area for strollers and people who seek the wise guidance of the Monks, for there are more than 800 monk temples at the Royal Tachiza empire.

Remember always that Warrior Princess Queen Ayya Teogh Kei was a monk, and that the Dukes are her Royal heirs and descendants.

That's all for this Post.

On our next Geography Post, I'll maybe talk about Religions and Pilgrimage.

It's nice talking to you here, at the House of Epic Destiny, and you're welcome back whenever you want.

See you next time, Blessed Be, have a nice reading, and,...
,... Stay Plugged".

So, this explains where the main Events happen to be, at the Trikumai worlds, on Toj, but a more undefined series of Events is waiting. To understand more about the setting, take your time and read Magic to see what is the special abilities the people of power are used to, and know that, in Toj, all people of power are mostly considered Nobles, and this independant from their family nobility and titles, if any.