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The Story adventure Stole Dreams is the first story which gives birth to the Trikumai worlds, on Sol Cajueiro's adventure blog - Wormbar/Epic Destiny. The Story was written initially in a "resume" format, and the author says on the same blog he's working on the final version, and follow this link to read the final format version.

Toj is the main world of the play, even though there's a main character who comes from Treiyka, it's twin desert moon to the bigger world of Kalagoktwa, in which there's a post showing how this world's like. The main race on Toj is the ejik race - humanlike, or human - but there's a number of races, and creatures shown in the play.

Finally, the first story Stolen Dreams, by Sol Cajueiro, had come to an End, on it's resume format, on 7 January, 2012.


After receiving an invite from the neutral entity of Dreams, the Dreammaker, the group is called to investigate a number of Stolen Dreams, from the world's future leaders. They're called to a number of missions, which are most of it recovery missions, from still to be unexplained "urns" which contains the people dreams; but, while it happens, the group becomes a group. A new Dark Lord, called the Mummy King, appears as a vilain, but as the play goes, a more dangerous main vilain shows. This is a vilain with no name, which is only "deduced" by context, and the main group investigates this Enemy as he's possibly the person behind the theft of dreams, even though that is not confirmed in the storyline up to the point published.

Main Characters[]

Tacke Prýmmus (Professor, mage), Toriàn Priatel'sa Draszi (Noble, alchemist and mage), Lena Báech (The Rogue Princess), Báech the djine (wanderer), Flausin (bogling - a word adapted from: goblin), Hadesh - Trahmass (takkar beast; snakedragon), Ayasta (heir of the Artifacts of Ayya), Rudyn Priatel (Rude; Toriàn's noble mage cousin), Dreammaker (neutral Entity of Dreams), Spike (a warknight wizard), Addria (an icchi, from a worlds invader race), Tklahonomára (Tklá, a bureaucrat), The Witch of The Planes (apparently an Artificer's dealer), Aethas Priatel (the Priatel family's elder), Dudin and Tayala (only cited as Toriàn's best friends), Raýla (the Heir of Royal Kokkiladon, vampire), Ambar (Godess of Time and Magic), Ayya (founder of Royal Tachiza empire, says The Lost Tales of Ayya), Saint Krunk/Krunneka the barbarian (a saint), Kwiledýnngi, Eelwa (child of chaos, from the Black East), Kelikadolon, Mika (child of chaos, from Abbas).

About the Story[]

The main post the reader should start from is About the Story - and it shows the new edition final version posts, which is adapted from the original story played during the three years adventure. The author says on his Facebook profile he's started casting for new character. There's no hint of what the new Story's about, but that's possibly a sequel to the first adventure.

Stolen Dreams has started on Sol Cajueiro's first blog, the first post on 8 September, 2009, but it started with no expectations on it's future, and that blog's aparently abandoned.

So, the new blog on Blogger shows the Story, after that. As Sol says on his Facebook profile, the Story started because his friends wanted to play fantasy. Then, adapting rules, character sheet, and the possibilities of magic, manifestations and power from his own System, the Story #00 - Stolen Dreams started to gain place on the bigger picture of the Action Tale's universe.

Now that the first campaign had come to an end, the Final Version named under the label (tag) Stolen Dreams will be of much help into sorting new characters, in casting.

It's expected a New Campaign to start soon.