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Brikaletja - Saint Krunnke's Axe

The conflict named The Great War happens about 600 years before Stolen Dreams, and it is the time when the Saint Group got together. Stolen Dreams starts up on April 602 AG, and goes on only a few years.

Ayya The Monk Princess met Krunnke at the moment she got off board from a ship, at The Old Peninsula, now called The Ayya Peninsula. She asks the creature "Did you really crossed a desert with a canteen and an old and dull axe, or what?", and at the moment he answered "Yes" they become friends going to plan their travels.

The Acolyte cleric Keogh met Tweet by the end of Nine Realms, a huge central area of the Great Continent, now a huge Inner Sea. They were called to investigate the North and the rumors of creatures on the wastes. Soon, by the notice a high paladin of Vallor was off city, they met Julian Baldor, lately Saint Baldor The Last Vallorian, but then rumors and hints took them all to a same place, The Room of Tachiza.

There, the group met Teogh The Ranger, who soon were going to fall in love with Ayya. She was a siddha princess and that wouldn't be easy.

As the Event went on, they unveil that The Infernalists were gathering. Soon, it became clear that The Infernalists were in fact two factions at war. One followers of Zejekaprias, other of Paramellechus, and rumors found that a huge war was happening in more worlds, not only at Toj. That remains unproved. The specialist Professor Susking Kuoi think's there is a connection and that's one reason he's telling so old stories, bounding them together, to find similarities with other worlds, including Allies and Alliens.

The Great Lord Pan, the founder of the Pantheon, was acting amongst mortals by the Clerics, but that was not enough to prevent one only infernalist plan: To steal his Godhood.

The Event was planned to be The Maelstrom, and the End of The Chrystal to start a new Era in which Gods were to become mystery. Then, everything went terribly wrong. Creatures from off world dimensions, Gogs, were seen in many places. And then Vulcana The Paladin dies. A Godess' death shocked the people, but they were too afraid to speak aloud about it. People were seens smal lights on the sky at night. Spectres were seen in all and every hole, and people were desperate for action, to fight Evil.

During that time, The White People came back from the exile, and The Spirit of Tachiza becomes a major guide to those who wanted to fight, and Teogh founded Sama as Her Royal Descendant, but at the same time at The West, a major crisis happened in religion: How comes a God can die?

The Saint Group then fights in various fronts, being victorious in many ways.

And so, Vallor was destroied by a super explosion starting The War.

The major problem of that Era was The Magic Faul, a huge area of Dead Magic in which Sama was almost the center of it, and it's said Raýla suggested to Teogh to deal with The Oggres from the other world, and so a treaty was made and The Magic Faul sealed, and ended.

More at The North, the underground fortress and capital of The Sun Chang race was the main target from the forces of The Infernalists, then they closed their gates.

The forces of The Offýr, dwelling on The East Continent was victorious over the evil forces, but for much less time one could imagine.

A great ball of fire and ice falls from the sky: The Megalich.

The Megalich is also found on Sun Chang's and Siddha's mythologies, in other worlds. He came to destroy, and he did it well.

Soon, The Destroyer sinked the Nine Realms, and Tweet moved The Inddrae people west, so The Inddrae empire sunk too and the creature moved east. It demolished The Southeast Desert and killed basically the entire Offýr race with that, so Tweet planed to convince Pitcher The God of War, a holy member of The Pantheon, to send an Avatar and defeat the creature.

Saint Krunnke had children, and there's a day still celebrated today as Saint Krunnke's Day, with food, alchohol drinks and sex for everyone.

Great Lord Kokkiladon becomes The Vampire Lord, and Raýla his royal heir.

Together, all those forces confronted the End, but that End never happened, because Pitcher killed The Megalich and dies on the process, losing basically all his divine power, and Pan was dead.

The Infernalist called Trisebus killed Pan, and steals his Godhood.

As soon as it happens, Trisebus orders all infernalists to retreat, and cease The Great War.

The Other Worlds, Treiyka and Kalagoktwa immediately appear on the sky.

The West is divided in two branches, one at The Great Continent, who called themswelves The Believers and started to adore The One God, which is some type of Superforce Above Everything, and Tweet stays with The Djines and founds Prislýpea (Principia) The Djine Land. This land is a new continent, where they fought Saint Krunnke's Brother, and ended the war.

Saint Baldor is said to have then retired from The World, into meditation.

This is the Legend of The Great War.