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To understand a world, as Toj, one needs to understand the diversity of races, culture and language backgrounds in which that Era evolves.

So, the ejik race is a major race, with many folks gathering around major cities, empires, or settlements, a huge number of old legends are also called "race", but they're probably astral races. No one knows. The fact is that some of them are found in ancient history as real. Historians disagree, but most of the possible past is runned under myth and legend, the ejik race, a name given in ancient iha language, a dead language used mostly by the black east people in ancient times, it means "common people".

The Races, and Descriptions

Ejik, basically a human in all that matters
Average stature, versatile, wide range of skin colour, ambicious, live where there are resources, form cities, and base of the Social Nobility.
# +3 Reaction

Sun Chang (dwarflings)
Short, strong, resistant, proud, with white or pale skin, and beard, good artificers, live at underground societies called by themselves as Domes.
# +3 de Fortitude

Sidha (alfe)
Average stature, beautiful features, side and long ears, agile, light, of a long lifespan, that lives at the forests in Toj, and are also called Fae.
# +3 Reaction

Pyke (boglings, goblins)
Small (size -1), green greyish, sarcastic, talkative, choleric, and explosive, ingenious inventors, that lives in villages (ruled by Assemblages) called Communes.
# +3 Reaction

Tall but not big, gellyish, a type of moluscus but with a natural armour, they have three eyes on the top of the head, equine faced, and hard feeted, being a springer (corredor) and chaser (caçador) predator, they usually live in forests with women in command, but they love commerce (and so, travels).
# +3 Diagnose

Short, but big, they look like frogs, with viscous black and yellow skin, poisonous (saliva), they change sex, also called Swamplings.
# +3 Diagnose

Méadai (oggre)
Big (size +1), strong, proud, with dark blue greyish skin, suvivalist, attentive, scientists, usually wisemen with storytelling traditions, very good tailors, which lives at artificial Stone Cities they call Okambos.
# +3 Fortitude

Kamen (stone sidha)
Average stature, with the most beautiful features of an alfe origin, with pointed ears, agile, light, live an extended lifetime, they transpire Magic, and live at forests and specially those near planar passages to the Astral.
# +3 Reaction

Takkar (reptilian, from Treiyka)
Tall, strong, with brown red dark skin that shows clear lines, with no ears, they live at deserts, savannas or arid regions, at a society of Tribes.
# +3 Reaction

Daisidha (ubbersidha)
Tall, with blueish grey skin, thin, androginous, with small ears, hermaphrodite, they're almost perene and may live indefinitely, and they gather at Wild Cabals at forests.
# +3 Diagnose

Indistinguishable from an ejik, air-water breathers, they have a number of tentacles called tentacle tongues which are part of their water breathing nature, they believe in Khrysallids, a strange life form (or not), which are believed to be impressions, which they're fascinated with, but no other race sees them, they live the same way ejik, but they also form villages underwater, called Fields.
# +3 Diagnose