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As seen at the Wormbar blog, the blog by the title of Epic Destiny (as probably the theme of those stories), we can read the Story of the Trikumai worlds of Toj, Kalagoktwa and Treiyka. The first story's called Stolen Dreams, and show the story of a group gathered by the Dreammaker, an entity title for the neutral Dreams entity, and the author grouped the resume format during the last recent years. We can see there's a few posts on the final version already, and readers are told to follow this post: About the Story - to read the final version posts.

Toj, /toi/, is the garden moon of Kalagoktwa, a double bigger world with two rings, together with Treiyka, which is a desert hell world, also considered a moon. Both Toj and Treiyka have two moons. The story Stolen Dreams show the major events as seen by the people chosen by the Dreammaker to investigate the theft of dreams from the future world leaders, and escalates into a new threat, the new Mummy King and lord of Darkness. Apparently, from the creatures of Dark, only the vampires, and one main character, are immune to the obedience to the new Dark Lord.

So, Toj seems to have four main continents, one called the Great Continent, in which huge empires are shown during the main Story.

The new storyline shown into the new final version shows a new character, Raýla, who gathers around what seems to be a parallel plotline, which is related to the still to be Children of Chaos. By the reading of the last posts, we see the main adventure played was runned in a 33 sessions of play, but there will be new information shown by Raýla's plotline.

The major language of Toj is called Oka, and this is a conlang, or constructed language, being created from the names and words used in the Story. So, in the future space era, the Oka is the main language of the Empire, so to be created based on every words, names of characters, places and items, all derived from the mythic era shown into the Wormbar first campaign.