Action Tale Wiki

The Action Tale was born with Sol Cajueiro's adventure blog by the same name. It's sister project, the Wormbar, is written in resume format, but the final version is on it's way, and while the Action Tale blog shows the story of a futurist Kalaummuklutwa (nicknamed Akkoya), the Wormbar shows the stories of the same world, and it's presumably about 3.500 years before the space era, being the world by the name of Toj the major world of this setting (see: Trikumai worlds).

Sol Cajueiro, at Lavras Novas, MG, Brazil (Photo by: Scotti)

The Club only started properly when Heitor Loureiro and Tomaz Sá started to add their works to the fictional universe initially idealized by Sol Cajueiro.

Tomaz Sá is now working in a poetry project in the form of podcasts, "Podcast de Poesia Contemporânea Brasileira", at this blog: - while Heitor Loureiro is shown at Sol's two blogs as Writer together with his friend.